From the Executive Director

I believe that every Alabamian has the right to know the literary greats of our state – not just the internationally known ones like Harper Lee, Sonia Sanchez, and Winston Groom, but all the talented and hardworking writers who have spent their lives writing stories, poems, and plays that tell the story of this state. I also believe that young people of all ages deserve the right to be the best writers they can be, through study and practice. I have taught creative writing since I was a graduate student myself, and my greatest joy to this day is watching a young person stand before a crowd of her peers and read a poem for the first time. It has been my distinct honor to serve as AWF’s founding executive director since 1993, and I invite you to join me in this mission! Please become a member of AWF today. Join or renew online here (will link to join page).

Jeanie Thompson
Executive Director